• Assessment and Planning

    Assessment and Planning

    Profits are down but what has changed? We need to expand but what is the best way? Regulations have changed, how do we get compliant? Every business deals with questions like these on a daily basis and evaluating your own company can be difficult. The consultants at HOOPS specialize in these scenarios. By working with you to review your current processes, HOOPS can help you find areas for improvement and growth.

  • Software Selection

    Software Selection

    A huge impact on your business is felt whether you are replacing dated applications or adding new software functionality to existing processes. Aside from the financial investment, there is also training on the new software and integration into your current procedures. Selecting the right applications for your organization is crucial. HOOPS has a deep knowledge of the available programs in the market and the software implementation process. Contact HOOPS to find out the best available options for your business.

  • Data Migration

    Data Migration

    You have selected a new software program to replace an aging application. The trick now is to pull data from the previous system and into the new one. HOOPS can help with your data migration needs, moving only the data you need and removing what you don’t.

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    Your business utilizes multiple software programs that work well and you don’t want to spend the time or money to consolidate them into one application. However, you want to share data between each program. This is a common request for HOOPS. By configuring automatic integration processes, HOOPS is able to expose data across all of your applications, keeping all phases of your business in sync.

  • Security Review

    Security Review

    Is your data properly secured? This is a huge question for every business with massive consequences. HOOPS reviews the security setup of your network, servers/workstations, and applications. This process ensures your employees only have access to information relevant to their specific job tasks and minimizes risk from outside threats. HOOPS recommends this review be done at least once a year. Plan your security assessment before it’s too late.