• Job Cost/Project Tracking

    Job Cost/Project Tracking

    Looking for a solution that will store all of the information regarding your jobs and projects in one place? HOOPS provides solutions that make your information easily accessible for those in the office or in the field. HOOPS solutions allows you to make accurate decisions, improve efficiency, control costs, manage labor and materials, and improve your bottom line.

  • E-commerce


    An e-Commerce site that provides everything you are looking for in a business to business and business to customer solution. Create a portal for your sales team to place orders anytime, anywhere. Add your product catalog to allow customers to view all of your items in a professionally designed and organized place. Fully automate the shipping, tax, and payment processes. Now is the time to increase your visibility and profits, utilize an e-Commerce solution to push your business to the next level.

  • Inventory/Distribution


    Any business dealing with inventory and distribution functions needs access to solutions for barcoding, wireless, and RFID item tracking. Provide your workforce with real time transaction level inventory details. Talk to HOOPS about creating your own virtual warehouse management system.

  • Multi-Entity Management

    Multi-Entity Management

    Consolidate the databases of your multiple businesses into one. Control costs and drive efficiency with maximum visibility across all of your entities. Take the guesswork out of business growth. Save money and eliminate redundant processes, consider a Multi-Entity Management solution today.

  • Field Service

    Field Service

    An advanced field service application can improve your business in a variety of ways. Become more efficient by balancing workload between technicians with full calendar access. Cut down on time loss and travel costs with enhanced dispatching and scheduling. Online and offline access to the application gives your field team the ability to stay on top of work no matter where they are.

  • Paperless Document Management

    Paperless Document Management

    Never lose important documents again! Through quick search and retrieval employees can boost productivity by gaining access to files they need when they need them. Share documents across multiple departments and locations for total company visibility. Reduce your paper usage and eliminate filing cabinets. It’s time for your company to go paperless.

  • Budgeting


    Do you struggle with creating or maintaining budgets from year to year? HOOPS provides you the ability to easily create budgets in Excel and import them into your accounting solution. Now your budget figures are in the same place as the rest of your financials, making comparing and contrasting simple.