NEW Payroll Tax Update

The latest payroll tax update for Microsoft Dynamics GP has been released. This is the 3rd update of 2019 and impacts Minnesota and Mississippi (shown below). This update also includes the first two updates of the year. More information can be found here: Tax Update Details

Withholding changes for Minnesota

The Personal Exemption is $4,250 for Filing Status of MAR and SINGLE

Withholding changes for Mississippi

Withholding rates for taxpayers filing as HOHMAR1, and MAR2.

If Over But Not Over Tax Amount Tax Rate On Excess Over
0 2,000 0 0.00% 0
2,000 5,000 0 3.00% 2,000
5,000 10,000 150 4.00% 5,000
10,000 And Over 350 5.00% 10,000


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