HOOPS is the trusted Microsoft and Dell certified partner among Western Wisconsin business owners that has provided unmatched customer service, along with leading business applications and accounting software solutions, for over 25 years in the community and two generations in the family.

Founder Story

Dave Hanson founded HOOPS, Inc. in 1996 based in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With a background in accounting and an interest in technology, Dave saw the need for a company that would help others in the transition from paper-based accounting to computer-based financials. Starting with accounting software solutions, HOOPS has grown over the years to provide services for all phases of business including Payroll and HR, Warehouse Management, Time Clocks, Field Service, and many more.


In 2007, HOOPS strengthened its operations with the acquisition of Imagineering, a local IT service firm. Together, Imagineering and HOOPS are able to provide a full range of hardware and software solutions for all of your network and business needs.


After nearly a decade with the company, Dave’s son, Josh Hanson, became Owner and President in 2020. Josh is a lifelong Eau Claire resident who is committed to seeing the community succeed, and wants to help businesses grow financially and technologically.


At HOOPS, our philosophy is to do it right, all the time, for our client, no matter what.


Every one of your employees — from sales to production, to management — requires the ability to make real-time, informed decisions. The goal at HOOPS is to implement software applications that not only fit the size and processes of your business but provide the flexibility needed to operate in the fast-paced, modern business environment.


HOOPS will suggest and implement software solutions based on your specific needs and wants, and we bill accordingly — you won’t find monthly retainers here. When a customer asks for help, they don’t blindly email a helpdesk; they work with a familiar consultant who knows their business and their environment. That personal touch is how we have kept our customers close, like family.


HOOPS prides itself on a combination of superior customer service and business software tailored to fit specific requirements of the ever-changing business world.

Corporate Citizenship

We love our hometown of Eau Claire, and we have given back our time, money, and services as often as we can. Imagineering is dedicated to working with the local Chamber of Commerces, whose mission is to engage in the community’s future. We support our community and our customers, and we want to give them every opportunity to grow.



Need help with your office technology? Talk with our partner company, Imagineering at imagineeringIT.com




Professional Problem Solvers

At HOOPS our goal is to provide the right solution at the right time. Our customers make software purchases and business decisions based on our recommendations. The ability to evaluate business processes and create the right software functionality is the essence of what the staff at HOOPS provides.

The basic traits of all HOOPS team members are flexibility, creativity, and dedication. With a focus on always putting the customer’s priorities first.

Who are we looking for?

HOOPS is seeking consultants, not help desk employees. We are constantly searching for highly motivated professionals to join our team. HOOPS team members maintain close relationships with customers in order to provide them with the best solutions possible.

Qualified candidates should possess a background in software use and support, with a desire to expand their knowledge. We are willing to train motivated candidates, and we offer the opportunity to learn and expand on a variety of technical skills.

If working at HOOPS sounds like a good fit, let us know!



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